Pool Resurfacing and Remodeling Services

Constant use of swimming pool chemicals, or the lack of, and age of your pool takes its toll over time. When it comes to your swimming pool, the constant exposure to chemicals and the weather, as well as other factors can break down your plaster eventually. And, when it does, you’ll need pool resurfacing to ensure its continued integrity.

Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning is here to resurface your pool, while also providing any other renovations or remodeling you might require along the way. We work on all types of resurfacing jobs, including plaster, coping and tile. Our vast amount of experience allow us to quickly and thoroughly resurface your pool, ensuring the newly refinished plaster is stable, strong and beautiful.

Our approach to pool remodeling is completely encompassing. From upgrading existing pool plaster, tile and coping, to repairing structural conditions and restoring decks, we do it all. We also keep our jobsite clean and tidy, out of respect for our customers. We’re the ones you want in your pool when it comes time to invest in resurfacing!

Tiling and coping

The tiling and coping around your pool give it the beauty that defines it. When your tiling becomes faded and discolored or your coping cracks or sinks, it does harm to the pool’s structure and its image. Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning is here to restore your tiling and coping, along with your pool’s integrity and allure.

We can restore the exact pattern and texture of your tiling and coping to breathe new life into your pool, or we can help you pick out a new style for a shift in aesthetics. We’ll install it to immaculate precision for a seamless beauty that’s unmatched.

For more information about our capabilities when it comes to resurfacing, remodeling or tiling your pool, contact our professionals today at 972-400-3151. We work on pools of all sizes, shapes and materials.