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Drains and Cleans 

If your pool has gotten out of hand, Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning can drain it, clean it, and get it swimmable again in just a short amount of time. Swimming pools were made to be enjoyed. There’s nothing worse than going to cool off in your backyard swimming pool, only to find that it looks like a swamp. Don’t waste your downtime trying to drain it yourself. Call Southern Star as soon as possible and we’ll get your pool back under control.

Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning is DFW’s most trusted source for swimming pool repair, restoration, cleaning and maintenance. We service all of Dallas, Fort Worth, Denton, and the surrounding areas. Whenever you need pool service, like a drain and clean, our talented team of professionals will come to you and get it done.

Signs Your Pool Needs a Drain and Clean

Pools that need a drain and clean tend to look and smell bad, especially if they’ve needed service for a while. To tell if your own pool could benefit from a drain and clean service, look for the following signs:

  • Strong Smell of Chlorine
  • Dark or Cloudy Water
  • Green Water
  • Bubbles or Foam on Water
  • Insect Larvae in Pool
  • Unbalanced Water Chemistry
  • Calcium Buildup
  • High Number of Dissolved Solids in Water

If you notice any or all of these signs of trouble, it’s time to call in a professional! We use a proven multi-day process to completely drain and clean your pool in a safe way that follows your city’s codes. We recommend you call us instead of trying to drain your pool yourself. Never try to drain a swimming pool using your pool pump; it will take in air, lose its prime, and become damaged or burned out.

Our Drain and Clean Process

A quality drain and clean service can turn your pool from a pit of despair into a relaxing oasis. Southern Star’s pool technicians are trained, licensed and insured to bring you the very best in pool draining and cleaning services. Our process is highly effective and eco-friendly.

We begin by thoroughly draining the pool in a safe and approved manner using our professional-grade pump. Then we pressure-wash the plaster to remove algae and other built-up grime. We treat smaller stains and acid-wash the plaster if needed. Then we clean your pool filter, refill and restart your pool, and test the water to make sure it’s chemically balanced.

Acid-washing strips away a very thin layer of the plaster’s surface. It is used for very stubborn stains that can’t be removed using other methods. We will consult with you before we use this technique.

The Southern Star Difference

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We work tirelessly to earn and keep your business, and we appreciate each and every customer we have. Our company was founded to bring exceptional service to the swimming pool repair and maintenance industry, and we strive to deliver on that promise during every service call. Our customers deserve only the best, and that’s what we bring.

Whether you hire us for a one-time pool cleaning or sign up for weekly pool maintenance, you will only receive the best, most courteous service we can provide. Our technicians are prompt and dependable. We only hire the most skilled, customer-centered professionals to represent our company. The entire Southern Star family believes that we need to earn your business by always giving 110% to everything we do. If there is ever something you think we could be doing better, please let us know!

Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning: Your Trusted Pool Professionals

If algae and insects have taken up residence in your swimming pool, call on your trusted professionals at Southern Star Pool Repair and Cleaning to give your pool a drain and clean service. We are your number one source for pool maintenance, remodeling, resurfacing, and repair in the Dallas area. Our office is in Flower Mound, TX, but our service area covers Dallas, Fort Worth, Grapevine, Southlake, Irving, Coppell, and the greater DFW Metroplex. Give us a call today to schedule a service call or learn more about our pool drain and clean service!


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